Goofy picture showing a car with a part of a satellite and solar panel wings on top of the roof of the car tied down with ropes, with a background showing a desert like scene and a blue sky with clouds. Credit goes to Blair Aler for finding the picture of the satellite on the car, the picture was further modified by Dishnut Pat

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RadioFree Dishnuts

RadioFree Dishnuts is a small 24/7 internet streaming audio service in operation now for 15 years, that's been an ongoing hobby and a labor of love.

Over the years RFD has evolved from being a 16k dial-up service in the evenings, to a full 24/7 broadband service. RFD has been operated with the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle, keeping the egos out of the works, and NOT out to kick butt & take names, boasting we're the best etc.
RFD has a schedule of various shows (live, pre-recorded, simulcast and rebroadcasts) throughout the week, offering a mix of music and talk related shows. The various show hosts on RFD, come from different walks of life, a lot of which are visually impaired.


Recent updates

A new show will be premiering on Thursday (5-15) at 4 pm ET / 20 UTC The Muse Fuse Show with your host Brian Ford, from the United Kingdom. Playing various genres of music and your requests.

New show on RFD!! Wednesdays at 12 am ET. (right after the The TalkZone Show) It's the Kilts and Shamrocks Show with your host Naama Shang.

Some show time changes:

The RDS Gate Show replay heard on Fridays, has moved to Wednesdays at 6 pm ET. And the Ray T. Mahorney Show has moved from Sundays to Fridays, starting at 4 pm ET.

Added a link from for the web browser version of joining the RadioFree Dishnuts Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server (note: your mileage may vary with screen readers)



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Updated on: May 13, 2014

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